Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Grievances

My critique of today's fashion:

I am a novice when it comes to fashion industry and have no real say on  the matter but I would like to express my grievances about the strange outcome of it all. Like many others i too was tired and annoyed of the constant drown all black outfits worn by the many fashionistas of today. Each outfit lacked a uniqueness due to the similarity in everyone outs, nonetheless they still looked "fabulous."

In today's fashion industry many people have been experimenting with color but their outfits have been far from cohesive....yes they are taking the initative to be unique and different and expand their wardrobes...but it just doesn't look all that great or "fabulous" just mostly drab....

so dear, fashionistas and fashionistos of stockholm, new york, paris, and every where...please get it together and be unique but (i repeat) try to stay "fabulous" not drab. is this /\


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