Thursday, July 30, 2009

olsens anonymous

i have been a LONGTIME fan of mary-kate and ashley olsen; from their kiddie movies to their fashion they do it big

so the photos are cut off...but they look prettier normal size

From: olsens anonymous


From: olsens anonymous

the stylish wanderer

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the mystery blogger shows her face, the stylish wanderer is a pretty well-known blogger, she was even friends with camille form childhood flames. at the bottom of the post i will have picture of how her original photos used to be!

From: the stylish wanderer

the original stylish wanderer


the stylish wanderer

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


something i've noticed, wish you might have to, is the similarties between forever21 jewlery and other stores jewlery...

There are bunch of examples but heres one that was the most stricking

now lets compare Antropologie (a fairly expensive store) to Forever21

Forever21 $4.80

Antropologie $32.00

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i kinda felt like doing a small and big thing might seem repeatative (sp?) but i like it

From: sartorilist:

the man himself, he's taken over 34,000 photos and posted onto his blog, and he's one of my heroes...the sartorialist






i love this purse and the funky shoes, cause they add a hint of boldness to the drab, wet streets

i found another girl with the same purse









hottness....wind blown hair...a beautfiul NAVY BLUE coat....hottness...


a hint of red...


her hair cut reminded me a lot of a mixture between amelie and childhood flames


her jacket reminded me of my new purse...





i've been looking for a good waist belt, and heres an exact exampe of what i'm looking for



something simple..



men's fashion

From: sartorialist

how to carry a manbag....


gloves in pocket