Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Yall! So i've never been one to really like the Resort or Cruise Collections of many designers, but I guess 2010 is just a new year with new and better lines.

Check out the Dior Cruise Collection for 2011


Check out the Chanel Resort Collection for 2011,0

I love the Dior line because the mixture of pastels and the use of the orchestra in the show. The line is chic and smoothe like air. So czech it out!

The Chanel line is very hip, cool, and young. Its usually geared towards the sixty-year-old woman who goes to the Hamptons or the Bahamas annually, but this year its much different. This year its set towards a trendy twenty something in Cali or at any high class beach.

Czech it out, i know you'll enjoy it

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