Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shopping Online

Hello fellow Wallet Killers!!

So with ppl's busy lives and the influx of techonology, online shopping has become the new way of shopping. Additonally, online shopping is the new craze for two reasons:

1. larger stock

the invetory on a store's site is sometimes twice as big as in the store itself. This is because managers pick and choose the inventory they wish to sell. Even in big chain stores like Abercrombie or JCrew, the oline inventory is MUCH bigger. (The inventory online is also larger because it is based on the main warehouse's stock which is much larger than a store could ever hold)

Additionally, the sale inventory online is much bigger which allows you to save mad money and save your wallets life for one more day.

2. online discounts

If you search the sites name and "coupon" you are very likely to find an online discount. The average discount ranges from 10-25% regualr and sometimes clearance items. Sometimes online discounts will also provide you with free shipping. In many stores these discounts will not apply in-store but online they do. are my favorite online shopping sites that i would trust more thany any others.


Urban Outfitters provides Free Shipping on orders more than $150 and free Returns/Exchanges! If it dosen't fit you can just return the item w/o hassle or money lost.


ModCloth is a vintage wonderland. The site is CHOCK FULL of dresses and accessories. If you don't find a dress there you don't like, your eyes were closed. They have so much to chose from, anyone is bond to find one dress of their dreems. ModCloth offers a variety of vintage and new dresses and even allows the buyer to "be the buyer." You can vote on dresses to "skip" or "pick" and if a large majority picks it, it will go into the sites stock; now isn't that democratic... There are many online coupons for the site which allow you to either get free shipping or 10% off. Mod Cloth has Free Returns and Exchanges and $7 ground rate shippping.

This website is fantastic and I would recommed to ALL

Nasty Gal has a great assortment of dresses and is cute, fun and hip


Thread Scene is similar to Nasty Gal and just has cool, fun and ship. It's a great site, along with Nasty Gal, czech it out.


LuLu's is okay, they have a large amount of dresses but most just seem to look same.

A few others include:

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