Saturday, July 25, 2009

swank heights

From: swankheights

Zara shirt & shoes, Leviticus dragonfly bracelet, sister's necklace + bangles, F21 skirt

Forever 21 dress/coat/vest & mesh shirt with feather collar, friend's white skirt, Zara shoes, vintage bracelet

Rogan trenchcoat, DIY shredded dress, Zara knitted sweater, Target gloves and beanie, 2 layers of Target leggings, Vintage flats

MARC BY MARC JACOBS BAG!! ooo if only i could have one

so i was on the marc jacobs site the other day looking up the store locations. so reasonably m.j. is in new york...okay, chicago...okay, san fransico...okay, and savannah...WTF, i live in atlanta and i am FURIOUS that m.j. would put his store in savannah and not the main city atlanta, (sorry savannah friends but still....savannah theres nothing in savannah but shallow beaches)

target beanie, gray sweater, and blazer, hollister scarf, aa lame' leggings, forever 21 studded belt, marc jacobs ring, aldo boots.

From: swankheights

Heres a few finds from browsing the web:

Cheeseburger Cupcakes by KateDW.

Cheeseburger Cupcakes


sooo cute, panda bread! who thinks of that...japan does

follow the link to ge the recipe! mhmm...yummy


Image of Black & Gold

Image of The LOVE ring

wooden rings...don't get a splinter

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