Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i kinda felt like doing a small and big thing today...it might seem repeatative (sp?) but i like it

From: sartorilist:

the man himself, he's taken over 34,000 photos and posted onto his blog, and he's one of my heroes...the sartorialist






i love this purse and the funky shoes, cause they add a hint of boldness to the drab, wet streets

i found another girl with the same purse









hottness....wind blown hair...a beautfiul NAVY BLUE coat....hottness...


a hint of red...


her hair cut reminded me a lot of a mixture between amelie and childhood flames


her jacket reminded me of my new purse...





i've been looking for a good waist belt, and heres an exact exampe of what i'm looking for



something simple..



men's fashion

From: sartorialist

how to carry a manbag....


gloves in pocket




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