Thursday, December 24, 2009


Okay, so you only have one day left of Christmas shopping so make it count! When it comes to christmas shopping gitft recipts are key. Not everyone is going to like your present :/ but...if you have a gift recipt they can take it back and get what they really want (yay!).

The other key to christmas shopping is getting there early. Crowds come to the mall after 2 and especially after 5, mainly b/c people either just waking up or just getting off work so.....get there right when they open and leave around 2. This way you avoid crowds and get everything you want before everyone else does.

Lastly, BUDGET! Go to the mall with a plan of what you want to by for you family/friends, this way you don't spend more than you planned and you save time on looking at gifts that they might want but you probably shouldn't waste your money on.

happy shopping

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