Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shopping Tips: Night Sits and Research

Revision of 8/9/09
-and it still reigns true

so i do a LOT of shopping but i don't really buy many things. When it comes to shopping it's all about finding things you'll

1. wear ALL the time and you can see yourself wearing 3 years from now
2. actually like
3. is worth the amount you're paying for it
4. is a quality purchase

for me anything over $50 calls for a "night sit." A night sit is basically sleeping on a purchase and truly thinking about it for 24 hours so see if its worth it (some times more time is necessary like a week, if it is on sale think about it more quickly in case of low stock)

by night sitting you really can get a chance to think over the purchase and evaluate its worth to your wardrobe

and for most night sits, i don't end up buying the item which saves me money and i appreciate the item more

lastly make a list,

the more research on an item you like, the more likely 99% of the time you'll get a better price, most items are sold in more than one store at varying prices (you can then get the cheaper item)

After you done your research and you're shopping in-store its a great idea to make a lists of the items you've looked up with their online prices.

By making a list you limit the items you get if you strictly follow it and you're not too tempted by other items in store
Also it'll make shopping easier, faster, and more fun becuase you'll know exactly what you're there for!

GRACIAS for reading, and more tips and pics are coming soon


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