Wednesday, July 11, 2012 "Street Chic"

Hello Wallet Killers, 
So the photos below are from Elle's "Street Chic." Elle offers thousands photos of the most chic from the street. I really enjoy taking a gander over because the site offers a great deal of images of the most fashionable in the world (or at least those in major cities). Below are my favorite photos from VARIOUS  albums on the site, so czech it out!
From Elle's "Street Chic"

Rachel Roy clutch

From Elle's Street Chic

As you know, I haven't blogged in quite some time because today's street style is PLAUGED with awkward, mismatchy, outfits that are more clownish than chic, and here's todays example and crique.

Awkward boobage in the shirt, that makes the shirt maybe seen either too thight or just ill-fitting. The pants are to wild of a design that in no way matches the purse. The purse clashes with the outfit like an dirty elephant in an all white bedroom. The shose are an awkard height and the fadded black does match the shirt or the entire outfit. The hat is an awkard addition to the look, and has a strange high topness to it. And all my comment jjust hit the surface of the problems with the loook. If you too have an opinions about why this look just dosen't work, or why it does, leave a commen below.


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