Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Design Layout!

If you might have noticed,  I changed the design and layout! I accidentally pushed the wrong button while I was checking out the new layouts blogger offers and it changed the look of the site and I couldn't return it to its originally style, but I decided: "hey, let's roll with it." So a new year, a new layout, and new posts on the way!

I would again like to reiterate the purpose of my site: All the time, I would look through thousands of fashion blogs and save my favorite photos of outfits that inspired me. After a while, I had a MASSIVE file on my computer and I wanted to better organize it and share it with my friends. I began to post some of the photos on this blog of my favorite outfits and my critiques/comments on them. After posting for quite some time, I realized this site was a good way to increase the awareness about certain blogs that I thought the world should know and a good way to archive photos of my favorite inspiring outfits from throughout the web!

If you would like to be featured on this blog to increase the awareness of your site, post a comment or send me a message via email.


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