Monday, July 9, 2012


So I haven't posted in a while, wallet killers. Why, you might ask? If you've noticed the fashion/fashion blogs of today, they aren't inspiring, elegant, or as beautiful as they were in the past. Today's street style and fashion bloggers have pushed the envelope to a point that's past sophistication and beauty. Street style today is generally awkward, unmatchy, and focused on putting elements together that don't exactly work. For example: This photo is from Carolines Mode: Stockholm-Street
This outfit is all wrong, from the top that obviously shows her boobs are too small for the dress, to the cat sunglasses, the awkward purse that in no way even matches the outfit to the shoes with the strange bow/flower? on it.  Fashion today and blogs just have not had the gusto it used to. But no worry, I am still searching for the next inspiring blogger/look that will blow you and me away.


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