Saturday, August 8, 2009

shoe shopping terrors

I'm going shopping today!! i'm pretty excited about my future buys i actually, for once don't know what i'm going to get before i leave. I usually make a list of the new trends i want, por ejemplo:

1. wiast belt (bwn/blk)
2 prep blazer (nvy blue)
3. rings!

but this time i'm shopping for shoe (EHH) which is actually something i HATE doing! suprise! I could spend 14 hours shopping for accessories and clothes or just browsing but shoe shopping is a major low point for me. It could partially be due to my size 10 1/2 shoe size or the fact that i'm EXTRA PICKY and those shoe salesmen have low patience levels....

o well...i'll tell yall what i get once i get back!
wish me luck :)

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