Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shopping TIps: Sleep On it

SUCESS!! so after 7 or more hours of shopping I FOUND SHOES, that i actually LIKE! WOW this is a day to rememeber. my main focus was just finding shoes i can wear in the snow, with socks, and that are super cute

i got three pairs of shoes

1. a larger size sperry (my 9 1/2 's did NOT fit with socks and in the winter socks are a must!)
2. a pair of suede gray boots (super cute, comfortable, and they keep my feet warm :)
3. a pair of north face snow boots (brown, fur, and lace, thats happiness)


so i do a LOT of shopping but i don't really buy many things. When it comes to shopping it's all about finding things you'll

1. wear ALL the time
2. actually like
3. is worth the amount you're paying for it
4. is a quality purchase

for me anything over $50 calls for a "night sit." A night sit is basically a sleeping on a purchase and truly thinking about it for 24 hours so see if its worth it.

and for most night sits don't end up buying the item which saves me money for an item thats cheaper and i actually like more :)

lastly make list, it is fun to go shopping on a whim and getting whatever looks cutest, but it is also a good idea to make a list of a few items that you know you want to get that way you have a direction

GRACIAS for reading, and more tips and pics are coming soon


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