Monday, August 24, 2009

Shopping Tips: Expect the Unexpected

So i've recently been doing A LOT of shoe shopping, something i actually DREED!! but one thing i have realized from HOURS of shoe shopping, expect the unexpected. While shopping i tried on various pairs of shoes that first sight i thought were HIDDEOUS (sp?) but once i actually saw them on my feet and in the floor mirror, i actually LOVED THEM!
so remember this, when shoopping, expect the unexpected and try on that shirt that you wouold never wear or those shoes that would never work with your new purse, b/c it might just be your favorite shoe or shirt in you closet!
if you want to save money...
expect the unexpected when you go to discount stores. At first glance those stores may seem lame...blah blah blah, but they can hold a treasure chest of beautiful things!
stores to Czech out:
1. Marshalls
2. DSW
3. Off Broadway Shoes
4. Target
5. TJ Max
these stores ACTUALLY carry NAME BRAND shoes/chlothes that are just a diamond in the rough. For example, i spent three hours at an Off Broadway Shoes store and got a BEAUTIFUL pair of Ralph Lauren high heels for HALF THE PRICE!!!
expect the unexpected, and never under estimate anything

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