Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shopping Tips: Online Shopping

so, now that i go to a college in a small town, it is almost impossible to get to a mall, so theres alwasy the next best thing...ONLINE SHOPPING!

When it comes to online shopping, it is very important to rememer these two important things..

1. Wait/Get for Free Shipping- so you can either wait for a site to offer free shipping which only happens at random, but once it comes it saves some major mulah (usually $5-$20). Additionally, if you just hold your online shopping cart for a while until you reach the site's personal free shipping price, you can save that way, (for example on fred flare if you spend at least $75, they'll give you free standard shipping)

2. Make Sure it Fits- its always a hassle to send back clothes once you've recieved it in the mail, so try your best to make sure its the right size, by checking the size charts and your own physical measurements.

Benefits of Online Shopping -
a.recieving a package in he mail, is exciting.

b.some sites (like u.o.) offer online only items're more likely to get an item online then in the store, since the in-store inventorys are at random, and the website's is right there infron of your face can look at the item and ponder over for a longer time (browsing onlines lets you view an item for days and email the image to friends, taking a picture of it inside store, staring at it for hours/days and sending it to friends is kinda werid..but online its normal) can shop in your PJs! don't have to deal with other customers, the lady at the register, and carrying the stuff car all the way on level P2 of the parking deck...


1. Fred Flare- is currently offering free shipping on all items until Jan 2010 (i believe...), using the promo coe "stay cute"

2. Urban Outfitters - is offering free shipping for a limited time only using promo code "shipyeah"

now go buy sale items with these shipping codes!



i giving you permission

stop reading, go shop!

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  1. my favorite thing to do is make like millions of wish lists and send them to my parents!! if you go on some websites you can have them send you emails when a certain brand goes on sale!