Friday, August 20, 2010

!interview with Dapper Demeanor!

Hey Wallet Killers, enjoy an interview from one of my favorite bloggers Christopher Rucker from Dapper Demeanor


Where are you from and describe the fashion scene?
I'm from South Bend, IN... and there is no fashion or style there. I
live in Lexington, VA where the style consists of poorly fitting trad
classics (boat shoes, polos, blazers, khaki chinos, etc.) and lots of

Favorite food and color?
Favorite food is basically anything Asian (though I have been told by
trusted sources Korean food isn't that great) and most soul food
that's not chit'lins. My favorite color is what ever color I'm trying
to add more of in my wardrobe at the moment. Right now it's shades of

When you first look at your closet/wardobe what is the first thing
that comes to mind?
Damn I need to do laundry...

Whats your favorite item in your closet?
My RRL jeans. They were a straight fit and I had them tailored. I
dig the high rise on them, you get more of an authentic workwear feel.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I do a lot of shopping online.
My main places are Gap, Gilt, Rugby, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Land's
End Canvas, and L.L. Bean Signature. I go to the J. Crew clearance
store in Lynchburg, VA and they have some decent stuff from time to

Where do you find the best bargins?
The above listed minus J. Crew... their online store sucks when it
comes to sales. is so so as far as guys stuff goes.

Whats your numero uno shopping tip?
For guys, 99% of the time sales associates don't know what the f**k
they are talking about so don't listen to them. Do your own research
before you go shopping so you know what to look for.

How did you first get into blogging?
I started a blog just sharing random thoughts and stumbled upon blogs
about style. I wanted to provide some of my own opinions but my other
blog was pretty established in my circle of readers for being more
social commentary than style, so I started Dd with "L". The other
blog is dead now.

Has anyone ever recognized you on the street?
HAHAHA... good one.

Who's your favorite blogger?
I don't have a single fav. I have a few groups that I follow:
My heritage/classic homies Skip at, L.A.S. at, and Paul at My Tumblr fam, so Gabe at, Tom and Andrew at, the
homies Jon and Jesse at, Tommy V. at and,
and I also have a group that can best be
described as the youngest playas doing it: Angelo at,
J Kissi and Trav at, Noah at,
and James over at The Sartorialist and The
Style Blogger Dan T. ( round out the short list.
I have quite a few more in my RSS feeds.

Fratty Baseball Caps or fadoras?
How about good haircuts? Let's go with that one.

My most favorite fashion piece that makes every outfit are my rings.
Whats your favorite fashionble piece?
I like to think of them as stylish rather than fashionable but I have
some beaded bracelets I made that I think you could call my calling

Why did you name your blog Dapper Demeanor?
It was the first name we came up with that didn't suck... I also felt
it was a good reflection of my style. I am a young guy but I have an
old soul so I felt the name kinda got at that older side of me that
likes to wear ties and thinks there is something to be said about a
man having facial hair.

Whats your passion besides fashion?
Well first off, I don't really eff with fashion: I like style. Style
is more personal and functional than fashion that can be merely
performance art in some circles. My other passion would probably be
music. Though I can no longer sing and I can't play an instrument, I
have a musical soul and I listen to it a lot. I post a lot of music
on my personal style blog (

Any last words of wisdom?
Don't get sucked into trends: the classics are classic for a reason.
You can always make classic looks more trendy, it doesn't work well
the other way around. When building a wardrobe stock up on the
classics and sprinkle trends in here and there.

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  1. Chris, you know damn well that Grey is your favorite color...DONT FRONT!!! LOL I love your last answer...Its you in a nutshell. and dont worry, i am working on it.