Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where's the color?

personally the Spring 10 Ready-to-Wear lines for MANY of today's big designers were just AMAZING!! But now it's fall and with a new season brings a new line of runway looks. I was very disappointed with many of the designers of today. I was expecting the wow factor i got from their previous line and a large array of colors and prints (which most used in the there Spring lines) but the Fall Ready-to-Wear lines just left me wanting more.

Well from watching the various runway shows it seems as if fur, trench coats, and military style jackets are in. Meh. That's all right and dandy but quite drab. The only colors you can get form those three types are brown, black, white, and green. Meh again. It seemed as if the Spring lines were festive and about the colors of flowers where as the Winter lines are about dirt, snow, and nighttime and most of those usually involve either scary movies are crime scenes.

I may just be overly venting because i probs couldn't do any better than Karl Logerfield, Marc Jacobs, and the likes of all the other fashion designers but they are the public eye and in the fashion world and both entail them going under major scrutiny so ^is my scrutiny (bring da color back mon)

Additionally, I don't like the transitions to black,white, and green b/c the fashion world just went through a MAJOR color revolution. For many seasons every thing was black, black, and black. White black may be beautiful and slimming "change" is what is on everybody mind today and what everybody wants.

inspire the youth fashion designers, bring some change, and bring some color

(just as a reference look at the difference between the Fendi, Versace, Chanel, and Marc by Marc Jacobs' Spring and Winter '10/11 Ready-to-Wear lines)

thanks for letting me vent


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